Meet The Team - NME Construction Services Ltd.
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Meet The Team

Brad Mason


With 35 years of progressive supervisory experience in all phases of the industrial construction industry. Brad has built NME Construction Services Ltd. by gaining a reputation of taking technical complex projects from inception to completion. Ability to streamline procedures that improve safety, productivity and control costs is something that he has always considered a priority.

In the industrial sector, contracts are awarded based on relationships and reputation. Brad believes every project deserves client driven thinking and problem solving in a forum that is fair, open and accountable. Instead of the adversarial approach common in the industry that pits client, administrator and contractor one against the other, ​Brad promotes bringing all of the stakeholders together, creating a strong and effective team.

Brad recognizes that NME Construction Services Ltd. success is a direct result of its people. Brad promotes an environment where people are encouraged to use their skills effectively and creatively while at the same time supporting the corporate vision and values. NME Construction Services Ltd. has an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds, experience and personal views. Opportunities are created for people to achieve the extraordinary and success is celebrated and rewarded. His goal is for employees to be proud to work at NME Construction Services Ltd.

Julien Lafleche

Vice President

As VP of Operations, Julien specializes in overseeing contracts, estimation, planning, scheduling, procurement, and project management of crucial NME Construction Services Ltd. developments. He enjoys the process of executing complex projects and prides himself in having the ability to envision how a project will take shape.

Julien makes an effort to know the ins-and-outs of each project, but having limited time to visit project sites has shifted his focus to providing strong corporate leadership. Strong leadership is a pillar in each NME Construction Services Ltd. project, as Julien was taught early that it is leadership’s responsibility to help individuals succeed.

Julien’s passion for the industry and 21 years of experience started early as he spent High School summers working as a civil contractor before transitioning to an apprentice Steamfitter. The satisfaction of leaving something behind that you can be proud of, and the everchanging industry motivate him every day.

Work-life balance is important throughout the culture at NME Construction Services Ltd. Julien enjoys spending time away from the office with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys helping his two girls actively achieve their goals. Whether it is coaching them in school, life, hockey or golf, Julien values his family time at the rink, course or relaxing at the lake.

Matt Brady

General Manager

Matt Brady is the General Manager for NME Construction Services Ltd. Matt has been in the construction industry for close to 15 years. After receiving his red seal certification as a steamfitter he very quickly proceeded to become a foreman, superintendent, and project Manager. Matt strives to ensure projects are completed on schedule and budget while maintaining peak levels of quality and performance.

Paul Avila

Project Manager

Paul started his journey in the construction industry in 2006 with DMS, where he became a Red Seal Journeyman Steamfitter. Paul Avila then joined the NME Construction Services Ltd. team in May 2013 as site foremen at the Leaf Rapids Water Treatment Plant project in Northern Manitoba.

While working with NME Construction Services Ltd. Paul has gained many skills as a precise and accurate steamfitter who demonstrated a great work ethic, and works well in a team environment. Paul is proficient in all aspects of his designated trade with proven ability to provide expert recommendations in building and troubleshooting mechanical applications.

Paul was transferred to the Keeyask Hydro Camp Project in April 2014 to be the superintendent for Northern Maintenance Services. At the Keeyask project, Paul has demonstrated excellent leadership, communication, and relationship skills.

Shawn Smith

Site Safety Manager

Shawn Smith is the Site Safety Manager for NME Construction Services Ltd. Shawn has been in the construction industry for 29 years with a record of successfully overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar construction, infrastructure, demolition and environmental projects for government and private-sector clients. Shawn has work experience in many different job descriptions such as Infrastructure, Site Services, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction and Installation as a Foreman, Supervisor, Superintendent, and Project Manager.

Shawn is experienced with managing large projects from $1 – $16 million dollars and is dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship, through his ability to manage and schedule manpower and materials.

John Bola


John Bola started with NME Construction Services Ltd. in 2013 as a Supervisor on the Leaf Rapids Water Treatment Plant. Currently he is working on the Keeyask Generating Station Project as a Superintendent coordinating the maintenance program for the Keeyask camp, Waste Water and Water Treatment plants.

John Bola started his career as a Pipefitter Welder working in refrigeration, structural and mechanical fabrication. His goal was to work in the mechanical field which he fulfilled by establishing himself as a Journeyman Pipefitter Welder. For 32 years John has worked in the industrial and commercial mechanical trade, such as Waskwatum Generating Station Project, accumulating knowledge to contribute to whomever he is working with.

Ashley Mushumanski

OJT and Procurement Agent

Ashley Mushumanski joined Newton Mechanical Electrical INC. in 2015 as Site Procurement and OJT at the Keeyask camp. She has been involved with creating and implementing educational curriculums around the world. She has experience in project coordination, acquisition and negotiation for a large variety of stakeholders across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Ashley holds degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Environmental Science. She brings a plethora of experience and knowledge to the group and her passion for learning makes her a true fit in her role at NME Construction Services Ltd.