Water & Wastewater Treatment - NME Construction Services Ltd.
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Water & Wastewater Treatment

NME Construction Services Ltd. performs management of various Water &Wastewater Treatment processes.

At NME Construction Services Ltd. we maintain a positive impact on the environment we specialize in water & wastewater treatment. This process is very tedious and should only be done by industry professionals. Most of Today’s system makes use of aeration to maintain aerobic conditions in the plant and the goal is to remove 90% of organic matter and suspended solids. After the removal as much of the pollutants or solids as possible, the returning water is piped back into the stream, lake or environment where it originated.

Distribution Operations and Maintenance

Our staff is cross trained in all aspects of water and wastewater treatment. This includes distribution maintenance and repairs such as valve exercising, distribution flushing and hydrant operational checks and repairs.

Maintenance Management Plans (MMP)

One of our flagship projects was partnering with Tataskweyat Cree Nation (TCN) to form Northern Maintenance Services (NMS) for the maintenance contract on the Manitoba Hydro Keeyask Generating Station. This contract includes the operation of all the site water and wastewater facilities. Our operators were involved from beginning to end with assisting in plant commissioning, operations, and maintenance planning through to execution.

We went through every piece of equipment, identified the maintenance required and frequency and created standard operating procedures to not only ensure the work was being completed, but completed safely. The result was a written plan presented to the client outlining best practices to ensure the utility was kept in proper operating condition. This plan has been successfully implemented by our operations staff.

Maintenance Packages

Once an assessment and MMP are completed we can move into custom tailoring maintenance packages to suit your needs. Keep your day to day operations in house and schedule us for your quarterly, semi-annual, and annual service needs. We can provide the proper trades to ensure everything is being properly maintained to extend the life of your facilities. This value-added service allows you to work the service into annual budgets and leaves piece of mind that your equipment is being taken care of by certified technicians and tradespeople.

Plant Assessments

We have been involved in many emergency assessments including the Tataskweyak Cree Nations (TCN) Water Treatment Plant and Wabaseemoong Independent Nations (WIN) Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Having experienced water and wastewater operators working on these assessments we can go much further than just identifying what works and what does not. We understand the underlying processes and the importance of having all treatment facilities working and following the proper sequence of operation. We also understand the importance of redundancy and can prioritize repair needs for short- and long-term operations. We staff most trades including Electricians, Millwrights, Plumbers and Pipefitters, ironworkers, gas fitters, and insulators so there isn’t much we cannot handle in house.

Plant Design / Construction / Commissioning

Whether it is a new build, system upgrade or emergency repairs we have what you need to get your facility up and running to meet the applicable Provincial and Federal regulations. We have designed and built plants for Manitoba Hydro Infrastructure Projects, been involved with commissioning of our own facilities, facilities built by others and resuming operations after extensive repairs.

Plant Optimization

Things not operating the way they are supposed to, or perhaps just not as good as they once did? Sometimes it takes a trained eye and proper knowledge to get the quality of water from good to great. This could include dialing in chemical dosing pumps to determining the best filter backwash rates or frequency. We are not limited to water either, we have extensive experience with RBC, SBR and small septic systems.

System Upgrades and Repairs

Some systems are in desperate need of an upgrade to bring them into the information age. This often includes adding more automation to an older system or possibly replacing processes with something required to meet new regulations. Other times there are extensive repairs that are required to get your system meeting those requirements again. Either way we are here to help!


No matter the reason for our staff to be onsite, we work your staff and often community members every step of the way. Whenever possible, we hire local workers to assist the work we are doing allowing us to help your community build independence and resiliency. By working with you from start to finish there are numerous training opportunities available along the way. We have even completed confined space entry and rescue programs with the communities we work with to ensure they are able to complete their own jobs safely.


Water and Wastewater Plants are increasingly becoming more and more complex. When things are not working as they should we are able to come determine what the problem is. Whether the issue is electrical, mechanical or a physical process upset, we can help.

Wastewater Collections

From force mains, to lift stations all the way to the plant. We can create maintenance plans, check sheets or help repair and rebuild. We have installed new lift stations, or rebuilt and rehabilitated to get them working as they should.

Water Main Installation and Repairs

Through recent contracts we have been involved in large scale water main replacement as well as assisted in repairs. Following all the local regulations to ensure everything is completed right the first time around.